About Us


Sip & Smoke Cigars hail from any number of jurisdictions. Sip & Smoke offers Cuban, Argentinean, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigars as a part of its vast inventory. Sip & Smoke believes in variety and branding. It will also have in its inventory freshly rolled local brands and its own branded “Sip & Smoke Cigars”.


Sip & Smoke is a unique cigar brand which not only offers superb cigars and refreshing drinks amongst other goods.  Sip & Smoke offers its goods and services for any event such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, grill n chills, bazaars, festivals and even regattas. Sip & Smoke can create an environment tailor made to your event and your requests. We can also add a little magic to your event by labeling / branding our cigars exclusively for your event.


Complementing the “SIP” concept, our Sip & Smoke experience provides blended cocktails, fine wines, blended scotch and whiskeys, cognacs, and gin and vodka brands which are all on sale as you sit and enjoy the Sip & Smoke ambience. However, there is made available Sip & Smoke Signature Sangria, which is a wonderful, infused beverage which is exclusively provided to patrons if they purchase the package offering at SIP & Smoke.